Paranormal Course


The Paranormal Clergy Institute is proud to present Bishop Long’s online course program.  Please know that 100% of the funds collected for these programs goes to funding Bishop Long’s homeless and single mothers ministry.  

You will be studying:



Paranormal Studies


We do offer Honorary degrees in Paranormal Studies.  For many, going to a traditional college is simply unattainable.  However, many want to continue their studies and they want something to show that they have worked and earned their honorary credentials.  Please note that these are Honorary Degrees and they are obviously not regionally accredited degrees.  They are for your personal educational enhancement. 

Please note that once Bishop Long sends the student their private links, refunds cannot be distributed.  They are given in electronic format and will be sent to the email that is registered with your Paypal address.  Upon completion, the student will receive a certificate of completion)

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Thank you for taking these courses. 

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Basic Package - All 4 Courses


Bronze Package - All 4 Courses

Honorary Bachelors of Paranormal Studies


Silver Package - All 4 Courses

Gold Masters of Paranormal Studies


Gold Package - All 4 Courses

Honorary Doctorate of Paranormal Studies